Complaints Procedure


Complaints from Staff and Learners


The College is committed to providing the best possible service for staff and learners. As part of this commitment the College takes seriously any complaint or representation the College users have about our service.


This procedure covers the actions that should be taken should a member of staff or a learner wish to complain about the service which they have received from the College.


To ensure that staff and learners’ views are considered sympathetically and professionally and that staff respond in such a manner when dealing with complains made by either party.


Who can complain?

Any past or present learner who has used the college may complain. A parent or guardian, or a worker from another project may complain on the young person’s behalf with their consent. Care should be taken to ensure that the person advocating on behalf of the learner is representing the learner’s views and wishes.

What can they complain about?

A learner may complain about any part of the service, or a decision made about them which affects them, or about being denied a service. They may also complain about a member of staff. In this case the learner should be made aware that the member of staff will be informed of this. If at any stage the complaint is considered to be one of professional misconduct, the complaint procedure will be suspended and the issue dealt with under the disciplinary procedures. The staff and learners will be notified of this and of any disciplinary action.

Principles underpinning the complaints procedure

  • All complaints should be dealt with promptly, and within the timescales outlined.
  • As far as possible all complaints should be resolved close to the point at which the problem arose. Learners should be consulted about what they would like to happen about their complaint.
  • Learners should be supported and given appropriate assistance throughout the procedure. They should be given the opportunity to be represented if they wish at all stages by a parent, guardian or member of staff.
  • The complaints procedure should be well publicised and all complaints properly recorded.
  • The complaints should be regularly monitored
  • If a member of staff records the complaint on behalf of the learner, then it should be read back to them and signed by the member of staff, as well as the learner. If at any stage there are alternatives to the complaint this should be recorded and signed and dated.
  • Where the complaint is upheld the complainant should be informed of what action, if any, will be taken by the College to correct the situation.

Complaints procedure for staff and learners

The Complaint Stages

There are three stages to the complaints procedure

  1. The informal stage
  2. The formal stage
  3. The review stage

Stage 1

If a member of staff or learner has a complaint they should inform their Instructor or Line Manager. The member of staff will make every effort to resolve the complaint locally. Time should be taken to try and resolve the complaint and talking concerns over with the plaintiff should be seen as part of the normal service. All complaints should be reported to the Quality Manager even if it has already been resolved. If it is unable to be resolved at this level, the Principal will try to resolve it. If the plaintiff is still not happy they may wish to go to stage two. Stage 1 complaints should be dealt with within 5 working days.

Stage 2

The complaint should be put in writing to the Quality Manager; forms are available from the administration office. The Line Manager will need to investigate the complaint, form a decision on the complaint and inform the plaintiff in writing. The Quality Manager will acknowledge the complaint within one week to the plaintiff, and complete investigations within four weeks of receiving the complaint. If the learner is still not satisfied, they will be advised of the third stage and the complaint can then be passed to The Principal

Stage 3

A meeting will be set up by the Principal to consider the complaint within two weeks. This may require the complainant to be present, and the complainant would be entitled to bring an advocate. The Principal will make the final decision

Recording (Complaints Log)

All complaints and their nature should be recorded in order that they can be reviewed by the organisation. At stage one, the staff member receiving the complaint should record the complaint. At stage two, the complaint should be put in writing and further records would be the responsibility of the Quality Manager. At stage three, the complaint will be passed to The Principal who will be responsible for a response.